The Excluded Form | 2022 | Anexartisias street | Limassol

Art Association Cathrine is pleased to present the second artistic work within the framework of the project The Excluded Form. The project provides a venue within public space where the public can intersect through a visual intervention by artists Maria Lianou and Alexandros Christophinis.

Art Association Cathrine is pleased to announce the project The Excluded Form for 2022 in Anexartisias.
The project provides a venue within public space where the public can intersect through a visual intervention by the artist, Maria Lianou, installed on the facade of a building.

The scale of the artwork will create reactions, dialogue and possible questioning in the city. Inhabitants can be part of the development of Lemesos by giving another definition and maybe another paradigm of the public space. The private development sector will be able also to questioning their practices by involving the civil society into their projects of development.

It is the democratisation of art on the scale of the city.

We’ve seen in the last decade Limassol evolving and will keep evolving. The project the Excluded Form has the task to adapt and to use this dynamic of the city for the benefit of the inhabitants and passerby. 

The Excluded Form project wish to break the border between different group of interest and turn it into a common interest. 

Eudes Ajot / Curator

*Cathrine is run by visual artists Elena Kotasvili and Alexis Vayianos. The creative team of the project includes Eudes Ajot (Curator).

Organizers: Art Association Cathrine
Exhibition space: building under construction
Location: 65 Anexartisias street
Coordination: Elena Kotasvili, Alexis Vayianos, Eudes Ajot.
Sponsor: Cultural Services, Deputy Ministry of Culture

Title: Τhe Excluded Form
ΤheExcludedForm involves an intervention on the façade of a building under-construction, and wishes to foster mutual influence between the public space and the general public. By choosing to have their work printed on the scaffold netting around a building, Maria Lianou and Alexandros Christophinis’s (ANBAU) exterior of the building into an exhibition space. Thus, when in place, ΤheExcludedForm will transform the private space into a public one, and its very presence in the public sphere will be pointing to questions on the management of the urban landscape as a right and a responsibility.

Artists: Maria Lianou and Alexandros Christophinis.

Lilies of the field

Each person perceives the landscape and its constituent parts according to their personal experiences, their cultural and aesthetic background. The carry, therefore, their own subjective point of view. As a result, whether consciously or not, one’s personal perception influences the actual landscape, and accordingly the collective cultural experience. Τhis means that, whether consciously or not, one’s individual perception influences both the actual landscape and the collective cultural experience. ANBAU’s intervention, provides a visual interpretation of selected flowers, removed from the rural landscape of Cyprus. In doing so, ANBAU position the ordinary and “unimportant” into the spotlight, thus reminding us of how what is rendered “unimportant” may also be fundamental. The work poses questions on the interaction between people and landscape, while as a landscape on display suggests an alternative reality for the city centre – one with native trees planted on Anexartisias street.

With references to Lilies of the field, a book of Cyprus Wild Flowers, by Ann Matthews 1968.

-Τhe Excluded Form_4floor building, 65 Anexartisias street_2022