the project

The Excluded Form project has purpose to give to the general public a “vertical” space by appropriating, for a short term, a private building. Private sector development can be used for the benefit of the public.

The Excluded Form project aims to stand at the border between the official and the excluded by uncovering the mechanisms and the language of diverse communities that create the distinctions between the productive and unproductive, the private sector and the public space.

It is a wonderful encounter between heritage, history and artistic motion.

The scale of the artwork will create reactions, dialogue and possible questioning in the city. Inhabitants can be part of the development of Lemesos by giving another definition and maybe another paradigm of the public space. The private development sector will be able also to questioning their practices by involving the civil society into their projects of development.

It is the democratization of art on the scale of the city.

The Excluded Form project wish to break the border between different group of interest and turn it into a common interest. 

In his book Exform, 2016, Nicolas Bourriaud tries to identify how artists translate visually the notion of exclusion and which kind of form does the exclusion produce and how does it affect visual thought.

Where you expect less art, it appears here. It is a project that offers multiple opportunities of intrusion into the world of others.

Eudes Ajot / Curator